Everything that has a beginning has an end

Posted: 22. dets. 2008 in Uncategorized
Well, as you can see, I’m writing this blog post in English. I thought that it would make more sense since I’m using English expressions on this post anyway. I think it’s time for some conclusions. I will always remember year 2008 with good words. It has been a year full of traveling, experiences, meetings and warm people. It’s also been a year of contrasts – one time feeling like things couldn’t get any worse and the next moment feeling totally on top of the world. So, it has been an interesting year. 

Good things this year:
+ This year started with my practice job in our local city goverment. It was such a good and useful time. I learned so much. And I got to meet wondeful and very interesting people.
+ First half of this year I managed to drag myself to training. I actually wanted to make sport and I really enjoyed it.  But unfortunately in summer I had so little unoccupied time that it kind of “faded” away. Maybe I’ll start again in the beginning of 2009.
+ My brother graduating basic school with honour. Yes, I’m so proud of him. All his grades were the best one could get. Every teacher praised him. And it was so good to hear it. Currently he is in high school and basically his results are the same. So, if he continues like this, he will end the high school with a gold medal.
+ Tuska Open Air Metal Festival. Yes, once again I was in this festival in the summer. This year it was even better because there was also this pre-Tuska event which included artists like Epica, Amorphis and my favourite Nightwish. And it was awesome. If we add the actual Tuska-festival to it – it was like 7 days of paradise. I got to see great artists and met some really cool and friendly people. I wouldn’t change this experience for anything.
+ Renovating the apartment. At that time I totally hated it but now it feels good to see things in better condition and it looks great.
+ Being an attache in the WUOC for Austrian and German teams. It was again a great experience for me. I proved to myself that I can handle the stress and responsibilty. Everything worked out fine and of course the teams, organizers and other attaches were very friendly, nice and kind people. 
+ The Estonian Night Song Festval called “The Nocticing Time”. It was in honour of the 90th birthday of Estonian Republic. The genreal feeling, the unitedness of people and this hole night were beyond words.
+ The trip to Paris. If I had to choose which were the best events of 2008 it would be a tie between Paris and Tuska. The trip was so wonderful that I don’t have the right words to express it. It was truly awesome. I really enjoyed myself and got to know some wonderful place and people. If I could wish for anything at this moment, it would be a trip back to Paris. What can I say, I’m in love with this city. 
+ Learning to speak French. I’ve always wanted to speak this beautiful language and now I finally know how. It’s some basic stuff but I’m continuing to learn it in 2009. 
+ I’ve made up my mind about mu future. Something bad happened to me in December and it felt like a lightning strike out of the blue. This made me open up my eyes and finally decide. I just don’t know if others will accept it also. But in the end it’s my life and my decisions.

Some negative things too:
– Dissapointment in an authorative figure who turned about to be the biggest asshole I have ever met. He is the reason I don’t like university anymore and is partly responsible for my decision. 
– Being hit in the head with a plastic bottle during Tuska Open Air. I manages what most people don’t during festivals – to get hit by a bottle and also being totally sober while being hit. The plastic bottle came out of nowhere and “landed” on my head. It hurt and bled so much. We went to the emergancy tent and there I was strongly advised to go to a hospital. Luckily the wound wasn’t so big that it didn’t need stiches, they just placed a medical clip on the wound. After that my head was numb for a couple of days and then it started to ache real badly. Even now, 4 months later, I get these headaches. 
– The renovations in the apartment. The end result was good but during July-August I was really disturbed by these “handymen” because they didn’t get the job done by the deadline, they were constantly late and promising one thing while doing the other. Overall I wasted a lot of  my nerves thinking if they have screwed us or not. At the moment I don’t even want to think about another renovation.

Well, these are the main things. Of course there are other postive and negative things but these are the events that influenced me the most. 
Since there are holidays coming I won’t be writing here for a while. There’s going to be a brake. So, I wish all of my friends and all the people I know – Merry Christmas and a joyful New Year! 🙂 

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