Nightwish @ Hartwall Arena – Review

Posted: 21. sept. 2009 in Music
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Kuna see arvustust läheb üles fännilehele – siis järgnev arvustus on inglise keeles.

What can I say about the concert at Hartwall Arena? At first I was speechless and then I was sure that it was the best concert I have ever been to. It was an unique experience that I’ll probably never experience again.

First of all, I had a really bad week and then on top of all things I caught a cold – I had a sore throat and fever, I couldn’t smell anything due to my nose and my head  felt like it had suffered some serious punches. At one point I thought that I have to cancel all this – but then my stubbornness came out and I was taking Paracetamol every four hours, drinking flu-healing tea, nose drops and  so on. And I managed to get to Finland, Helsinki. Saturday was such a warm and nice day and I even felt a bit bitter. But just before the concert I had a terrible headache but I didn’t give up. And I didn’t regret it at all – after the concert my voice was gone from screaming and singing along and almost every muscle in my body was tired and ached – the whole experience was worth it. Why? On the following reasons….

1. The concert was very well organized – it started on time, the security guys were doing their job perfectly and everything in the show turned out just p-e-r-f-e-c-t

2. Apocalyptica – I hadn’t seen them live before but now I got the chance and I was so glad. They gave 100% on stage and playing songs from Metallica, Sepultura and even from Edward Grieg. Definitely a good performance.

3. Nightwish – the members gave 110%, the including of violinist and Troy Donockley, the warmth that came from them could be felt even in the last row of the hall, the united feeling that came from them

4. Interesting setlist – I was so lucky that the setlist inlcuded songs like “Ghost Love Score”, “Meadows of Heaven”, “While Your Lips Are Still Red”, “Walking In The Air”, “Romanticide” and so many more. I was happy with the setlist. Of course – there could always be better songs but to me all NW songs are good, so no complaints there.

5. The united fans – fans were “breathing like a one person”. We all made waves in the areana, there were the feet stomping, clapping , yelling, singing along, headbanging…. Incredible feeling just to be there. And I guess the band members also felt that love coming from the fans – Anette was in tears, Marco and Tuomas also moved almost to tears, Emppu and Jukka endlessly thanking fans and also the Finnish violinist and  Troy Donckley. It was truly amazing – it can’t be put into words, you have to be there to feel it.

Now, there were some minor “bad” things also

1. too fanatic fans – we had the sitting seats (I was slow with buying the tickets online and got seating tickets) and we were looking for our zone but there was also a line where all the die-hard fans were in line to get to the first row. We were just walking calmly and searching and some Finnish die-hard fan started shouting at us and I could see the fear in his eyes – maybe we’ll take his spot in the first row. We got confused and asked the security guard who kindly told us that it’s ok and we didn’t do anything wrong. Later on when already sitting down I saw the same guy down below – he and his girlfriend were crying because they didn’t get into the first row. I was like WTF? I’m also a fan and have been for a long time but such behavior is just way too much for me. And during the concert I saw some girls (there were big screens) crying – again WTF? It’s too strange for me to cry during a concert – I liked it also, I was amazed and very emotional but crying? No, no, no – just too much for me.

2. Hartwall Arena is actually in the middle of nowhere. Getting there and back to the city central was a bit difficult. Getting there – we used trams and it was more or less ok. But getting back, our hotel was very close to the harbor on Katajanjokka street and Hartwall was on the other side of the city. It was tricky also because the trams had stopped driving, we missed the bus and our only hope was the train or a taxi. After some time we decided to take a taxi. I was used to our taxi drivers who take extra long routes to get more money, so I was looking out of the window, checking where we where. But I must compliment the drivers – he took the short cut and we were back in the hotel in 10 minutes. We even gave him some extra cash for that.

This concert definitely confirmed to me that Nightwish is and will be my favorite band of all time. Going to their concert is an experience that can’t be compared to any other. Also I must add that the pyrotechnical side was very good – fire works, falling “waterfall”, snowflakes etc. In my opinion Anette’s voice was really good – although she changes some melodies (to make it interesting she says), it was still good. The only old song that in my opinion still doesn’t suit her voice is “Ghost Love Score” – it’s just too much for her voice. But the other songs were just perfect. The boys played their instruments brilliantly as ever. And it was so good to see them so touched by their fan base. Just heartwarming.

It was the last concert of their massive Dark Passion Play tour and now they’ll take a break. In the end of the concert there was a message on the big screen “Thank you and see you in 2011”. I saw them three times during that tour – the very first “secret” gig in Estonia, then pre-Tuska concert in Helsinki Kaisaniemi and now the Harwall Arena concert. All I can say is that they are getting better and better and I really hope to see them live during their new tour when they’re releasing the new album.

The setlist:

  • Intro – Finlandia with Troy Donockley
  • 7 Days To The Wolves
  • Ever Dream
  • Wishmaster
  • Romanticide
  • Amaranth
  • The Siren (ft. Finnish violinist)
  • While Your Lips Are Still Red (ft. Finnish violinist)
  • The Poet And The Pendulum
  • Nemo
  • Sahara
  • Dark Chest Of Wonders
  • The Islander (ft. Troy Donockley)
  • Walking In The Air (acoustic, ft. Troy Donockley)
  • Last Of The Wilds (ft. Troy Donockley)
  • Meadows Of Heaven
  • Ghost Love Score
  • Wish I Had An Angel
  • Outro – The Heart Asks Pleasure First

When I could rate the show on a 10 point scale it would definitely be a 10. Because the show itself, band, pyros, other fans, overall mood and united spirit we had – in that evening we all were ONE.

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