Flash Forward

Posted: 4. jaan. 2010 in Films/TV-Shows, Life

One evening I started to watch ABC’s TV-show “FlashForward” and I got so hooked that I watched it until 4.00 A.M in the morning. It was just so interesting and it’s bad that the new episodes are coming in March. I can’t wait that long.

What really intrigued me about this show is the whole concept of destiny: is it meant to be? can we change it? Is it useful to know your own future? I’ve always been keen to know what lies in my future. Mainly I’ve read horoscopes. Yeah, I know that they aren’t accurate and that for every person it’s different but still I sometimes read my horoscope. I have always thought that some things happen because they are destined to happen, I’ve been a firm believer in destiny. But this show made think more about it. I still think that every person has their destiny or their own road built for them the moment they are born. But I also think that people can change some things by making their own choices. And I’m sure that it isn’t good to know your own future. In that tv-show many people knew their future and after knowing it they started to do weird things in order to avoid that future. Instead, they drove themselves closer to the predicted future. I guess it’s just better to live your life in the “here-and-now” not to look always back or always too much forward.

I’m not sure if we can change our destiny. There are the examples of people being the only survivors in an accident because it just wasn’t their time. And there are examples when people do everything they can and still don’t get what they want – it seems like something is stopping them. But of course a lot of people believe that destiny can be changed. I think it’s more scarier to think that we ourselves don’t control our lives, that some other outside force is controlling it. Everybody wants to be in control. I don’t know if there is some kind of “force” that is controlling things that happen to us but I do think that not everything depends on what kind of decisions or choices we make. So, it’s a complicated question actually.

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