What’s your dark little secret? ;)

Posted: 5. veebr. 2010 in Life, Music

Okey, this is it. I have put this forward many times but now I’m actually publishing here something that I have been doing for the past six months. I have been making some videos on Youtube. At first I was just experimenting with few things and that’s why I didn’t put it here. But now I’m doing “Heavy Metal News Weekly” and I feel that I’m truly doing something that matters to me and that I find interesting and creative.

So, here is my channel: http://www.youtube.com/LittleSinners

And regarding the news weekly: if you or your friends have a band and want to get the word out what you are doing, feel free to contact me. I’ll add you to my weekly news section. Only one condition: the band must be a heavy metal (any genre) or rock band. I have nothing against other music styles but the news I’m doing are concentrated specially on heavy metal and rock music.

I don’t know why I consider it to be my “dark little secret”. Many people are doing videos on Youtube and it’s perfectly ok. I guess the thing is that in Estonia there are not so many people who have discovered that power that Youtube holds. It can make your dreams come true, it’s a good way to channel your ideas and reach out to people all over the world. And I feel happy doing my little videos. I’m also reaching out – reaching out of my “comfort zone” 🙂


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