Reise, reise

Posted: 17. veebr. 2010 in Uncategorized

Last week was very interesting. I went to a tourism fair and met some very interesting people and got to know the “behind the scenes” part of organizing a fair and representing your firm there. But unfortunately I also had an accident. As I was carrying the necessary things from our bus to inside, I slipped and fell down. And my leg got hurt – my ankle was twisted and bruised and was hurting. I spent two days in the fair but on the final day I really couldn’t bear the pain and returned to my home town. After that I went to see a doctor and he said I should give my leg a bit of rest and be on bed rest for the next two weeks. That was not so fun. I hope the leg gets better because next week Rammstein is waiting for me.

Yay! I’m actually so excited about Rammstein. I’ve never seen them live before. What would of course be over-the-top event – if I could actually meet some members of the band. It would be so cool. But I know that it’s just not possible. The management gives out some backstage passes but usually to the ones who are in the front row and scream a lot and would do anything to be backstage. I’m not like that. I prefer to enjoy the music and not to be so noticed. So, I guess this isn’t happening. But nevertheless I’m still looking forward to it so much 🙂

After Rammstein the next “big” concert is Metallica that is again performing in Estonia. I’m happy about it and I’m looking so forward to seeing the band that brought me to metal in the first place.


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