Sechs Herzen die brennen – Rammstein concert review

Posted: 25. veebr. 2010 in Music
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I’m back from Rammstein concert and I must say this: one of the best fucking concerts I’ve ever seen 🙂

What I liked:

  • The songs – obviously the most important thing
  • The show – it was totally awesome – so much fire, so much effects, pyros and just visually very attractive
  • The fact that when crowd-surfing Flake brought out the Estonian national flag and waved it
  • The overall feeling of the concert and seeing the band members enjoy themselves on stage as much as I enjoyed them off-stage
  • The fact that everything started on time and there was no waiting around: Deutsche Ordnung or in English “German punctuality”
  • The fact that the Estonian crowd was really rocking out and weren’t all that reserved

What I didn’t like:

  • How the Estonian team had organized things – the fact that people who had standing tickets could stay on the same area as people with seating tickets – they were standing infront of my view until one point there was an incident and then the security guards started to lead people away
  • The people who had come to the concert only because it was “popular” to come and when in concert they criticized the band, the crowd around them and saying to their 5-years-olds “one should not play with fire”

As I said in the beginning it was one of the best concerts in my life. Rammstein is Rammstein. They differ with German lyrics and outstanding stage show. The show is just amazing to watch – fire, other pyrotechnical effects, Till and Flake acting out, Flakes dance and crowd-surfing, Richard, Paul, Olli and Schneider totally rocking out. The feeling the give to the audience is just amazing. And I’m such a fan of the German lyrics – I know all of their lyrics by heart and I sang along loudly (*kmh* and wrongly *khm*).

I noticed that at one point Till had some minor problems with the vocals – the mic didn’t work or something.  But it didn’t matter because the show and other band members compensated it. And maybe there could have been “Asche zu Asche” or “Sehnsucht” on the set-list. But to be honest – I don’t have anything negative to say about the band – the music was there, the band was there and that’s all the mattered.

The setlist of Rammstein concert in Tallinn on 24.02.2010:

  1. Rammlied
  2. B********
  3. Waidmanns Heil
  4. Keine Lust
  5. Weisses Fleisch
  6. Feuer Frei
  7. Wiener Blut
  8. Frühling im Paris
  9. Ich Tuh Dir Weh
  10. Liebe Ist Für Alle Da
  11. Benzin
  12. Links 2-3-4
  13. Du Hast
  14. Pussy
  15. Sonne
  16. Haifisch
  17. Ich Will
  18. Engel

So today I’m exhausted because I don’t live in Tallinn, I live in Tartu and got back home midday. My neck and arms hurt from the headbanging and rocking out. And I think I caught cold. BUT if Rammstein would come back tomorrow I’d go without thinking and enjoy myself again. It’s really worth seeing and hearing 🙂


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