Use energy thoughtfully

Posted: 31. märts 2010 in Life

I’m so happy. First interview is now done. Thanks again to Zachary Hietala. He is such a friendly and cool person. At the moment it’s up on the web page I created – . I contacted Jason Fisher from The Gauntlet and he has put it up on that web page also. In addition I’ve spoken to some other musicians who have promised me interviews. I’m very very excited. The project which was small in the beginning has grown and continues to grow. It’s something I’ve created on my own, done on my own and I am very pleased with the results. Thanks to all of you who have supported me and believed in me 🙂 It means a lot 🙂

I guess I’ve put a lot of energy into that project plus my other work so I’ve run out of energy a bit and I’m currently sick. I’ve been taking medicine every four hours and it seems like it’s not getting better. I couldn’t even do the weekly news this week. And I feel quite bad about it but what can I do if I’m sick. I hope that things get better by the start of the next week. But at this point it seems that my pillow, medicine and Zewa Softis are my best friends.


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