Posted: 20. apr. 2010 in Music
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Oh happy days. Metallica’s concert on Sunday evening was awesome. At the moment they are touring with 360° stage and it was an interesting experience. And of course it was especially great to see them live again because they were the band that brought me to metal in the first place.

This time I got a good spot – almost in the very first row and I saw the band members very close – they were only about 10m away from me. It was so awesome because it was like actually creating a bond with the members.  So generally I’d say that the idea of the 360° stage is pretty good. Although some things did bother me – like the fact that you don’t see all the band members together on stage. They usually move around and when the singer in-front of you, the guitarist is on the other side of the stage. So, it was a bit weird. But still I’d say that the 360° stage is a positive thing.

One thing that really bothered me was the sound. Just to be clear – I’m no expert when it comes to the sound quality but I could hear that there was something wrong with the sound when the support bands were playing. AND it’s not the fault of the bands – it’s the fault of the Saku Arena. I’ve said that before that Saku Arena does not have good sound quality. That’s why whenever I hear that a good band is playing in Estonia I keep my fingers crossed that it’s not playing in Saku Arena because the arena messes up the sound.

The support bands were Gojira and Fear Factory. To be honest I liked Gojira a lot more than Fear Factory. Gojira is a French metal band that I saw on last year’s Tuska Open Air. But since they were the first band to play in Tuska, I only saw and heard some bits and pieces from them. But this time it was different and I really liked them. With Fear Factory it was a bit different – they played well, interacted with the people and moved around on stage – but the music is not my cup of tea. So that’s why I liked Gojira more.

Metallica was as good as always. They know how to get people screaming for them and they are worth the screaming. They started off with some new songs from the „Death Magnetic“ album and then moved on to older songs. I was pretty happy with the setlist – they played older classics like „Harvester Of Sorrow“, „Fade To Black“, „Ride The Lightning“ and „Master Of Puppets“ but also more known songs like „Sad But True“ and „Enter Sandman“. What surprised was that they played „The Unforgiven“ – a very positive surprise. What I like about Metallica’s live performances is that every one of them has like their own „role“ on stage – Hetfield is the front figure who interacts with people and is the „cool dude“, Trujillo is the one who moves around and smiles the most, he’s the „fun dude“, Hammett is the guitar master and Lars is the one who constantly does funny faces and encourages fans to go crazy so that’s why I call him the „crazy dude“. So, when you put together the cool, fun, master and crazy people you get M-E-T-A-L-L-I-C-A. Very awesome was also the fact when I was singing along with my hands in the air and then Hetfield looks at me and other fans in-front of him and is like „Yeah“. That was just so cool.

So, it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen Metallica live they always end the concert so that you are left wanting more and more. So, until the next time Metallica 😉

The set-list of Tallinn concert on 18.04.2010

1. That Was Just Your Life

2. The End Of The Line

3. Harvester Of Sorrow

4. Ride The Lightning

5. Fade To Black

6. Broken, Beat And Scarred

7. Cyanide

8. Sad But True

9. The Unforgiven

10. All Nightmare Long

11. One

12. Master Of Puppets

13. Blackened

14. Nothing Else Matters

15. Enter Sandman

16. Last Caress (Misfits cover)

17. Whiplash

18. Seek And Destroy


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