My Heart Burns

Posted: 2. mai 2010 in Life, Music
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First of all – THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO REMEMBERED MY BIRTHDAY! 🙂 It means a lot to me when people remember me on that day. I don’t need gifts, the best gifts are nice wishes from the heart. And I’m so thankful that so many people sent me wonderful wishes. Thank you all 🙂

Tomorrow I have a quite busy day and I’m going out of town so I’m not 100% sure that I can upload “Heavy Metal News Weekly”. I try to do my best to make the video in the evening but you never know what could come in between. And I also have some new plans and things going on regarding the weekly news. Some new improvements 😉 I hope the will come true. I don’t want to write them down here because I’ a bit superstitious.

And I thought I’d clear up one thing – why is my blogs name “Mein Herz Brennt”? Some people have asked me  about it and so here’s the explanation: it’s a Rammstein song from their album “Mutter”. In English it’s “My Heart Burns”. I chose this because at one point I felt the need to change my life a bit and to start doing things I was always afraid to do. And when I was doing these things I felt that only then I was truly alive – only then my heart didn’t just beat, my heart was burning with life. So, this was the perfect title for my blog 🙂

And the question to think about this week – is it worth do trust a person again if he/she has disappointed or hurt you in the past?


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