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Posted: 24. mai 2010 in Life
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I promised someone to answer these questions, so here it comes – “fun” questions time 🙂

1. Have you ever had something happen to you that was so embarrassing that you are still not over it? If so do you mind sharing what it was?I have some embarrassing moments every day. So I don’t really recall  an exact moment that I’m not over.
2. Have you done anything new and different lately?
Yes, I’m shifting my major in the university, I’m doing a news show on Youtube and going to interview some bands in summer – I’d call that new and different.
3. What colors do you think look best in, and which do you think you look the worst in?
I think I look the best in black or blue colors, the worst – in brown/beige or red.
4. Are you heavy footed when driving, are you always driving faster than you should?
I don’t drive at all, I don’t have a drivers license and I’m not planning to get it. I like walking.
5. What is the drunkest you have ever been and would you get that drunk again?
Since I don’t tolerate alcohol very well (I have the worst hangover ever)  – so I usually drink to a certain limit that I don’t cross. And within that limit I usually don’t do overly crazy things.
6. What car have you always dreamed of owning?
I’ve always dreamed about owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle 🙂
7. Did you ever have a crush on a teacher in school? If so which one?
No. Teacher are teachers and students are students – there’s a strict line in between.
8. Were you ever envious of someone else’s life? If so, why?
I haven’t actually envied anyone’s life – I envied maybe some moments they have had (meeting someone cool or doing something very interesting) but not their whole life.
9. Which new fashion trends would you like to wear this season?
None, I don’t follow any trends. I wear clothes that say to me – IT’S ME.
10. What places would you have pierced on your body and which parts would you never have pierced?
I have a nose piercing and I have thought about a brow piercing but I’m not very sure about it. The parts I would never pierce – to put it plainly – the most intimate parts of human body.
11. If you could live anywhere in the world you wanted where would it be?
There are a lot favorite places in the world for me but I think besides Estonia I’d like to live in the southern part of France or the UK.
12. Which religion are you the most curious of other than your own?
I don’t follow a religion – I’m more of a spiritual person. And if I had to choose one, I’d say that my religion is heavy metal 😉
13. Who was the first person you fell in love with?
The first person that I fell in love with was a sweet boy with a bad-boy attitude
14. What characteristics would someone have to have for you to want to spend the rest of you life with them?
Honest, loyal, caring and is not afraid to be who he really is. Two sorts of people that I hate are the pretenders and the players.
15. What do you think being a good friend means?
A good friend listens to you and gives you advice, stands by in tears and laughter.
16. If your life was made into a movie what would the title be, and would it be a comedy, drama, or adventure flick?
My life would be a drama and it could be called “The Growing Pains of A Misunderstood Girl”
17. Have you read any of the books on the bestseller list lately? If so which one?
No bestsellers. I was advised to read the Twilight saga but I had read something about it and I didn’t want to read it because I didn’t like that story so much.
18. What or who has had the most impact on how you live your life?
Definitely my grandmother. She has taught me almost everything about life.
19. Have you bought any new jewelry lately?
20. Would you describe yourself as a beer, wine, or champagne-type person?
I am a wine-person. I usually like red wine and just sipping it slowly is the best 🙂
21. Do you consider yourself a high-maintenance person?
Yes – I expect a lot from myself.
22. Have you seen all the new cosmetics that are being sold lately? Have you tried any of them?
Probably not. I haven’t had the time.
23. Are you ever going to take time to have children, or are you just going to stay on that career fast track?
I think that people are always more important than career.  I love children.
24. What style swimsuit do you like to wear?
The one that suits me best 🙂
25. What is your morning routine before you go off for your day at work (or school).
Washing, eating, make-up, getting dressed – ready to go.
26. What is the one habit you have that you would like to change?
Over-thinking things to being too complicated
27. Have you tried any new diet or workout lately?
28. What is the idea of the perfect man/woman for you?
The perfect man is the most imperfect man.
29. What do you want your future to be like?
I want to do something I really love surrounded by people who care for me.
30. Do you remember your first close friend’s name? Do you remember an activity you did together?
Yes and we did lots of fun things together.
31. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I haven’t counted them
32. How many electronic gadgets do you have?
I like electronic gadgets so I have some
33. When is the last time you had a manicure?
Last week
34. Would you ever want to have a makeover done on you?
No because I like my style and I’m happy with it
35. If you were a bird which kind would you be?
A colored parrot
36. Would you ever get your tongue pierced?
I have thought about it but I think I’m too scared to do it
37. What brand of workout gear do you like best?
38. What gym do you do your workouts at?
I don’t go to the gym to work out
39. Is there one question above all else that you don’t want to answer about yourself? What is the question?
Nope, I answered all question
40. Does your girlfriend/boyfriend have a sister/brother?
Currently I’m single 😉


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