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Posted: 30. mai 2010 in Music, Society
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Well, I’m writing about Eurovision. Again. I once promised that I’m not writing about it because it’s a load of crap. But it’s a strange thing this Eurovision. I know lots of people who say to me every year that they are not watching it and after they tell me detailed recap of the show. To those of you who don’t know – Eurovision Song Contest is the biggest broadcast  tv-show in the world that is held every year by the country that wins that years competition. I have been watching Eurovision more closly since 1998. So, I thought I’d bring out songs from 1998-2010 that I personally have liked the best. I’ve put them into two parts – first songs that I really liked and then songs that are good for just crazy-dancing or working out.

Songs that I like:

1. Latvian song from 2000 Brainstorm-My star – I was such a fan of Brainstorm and this song just suited that time of my life

2. Romanian song from 2002Monica Anghel and Marcel Pavel – Tell Me Why – both of the singers have a powerful voice and the song has a beautiful melody and good lyrics.

3. Greek song from 2002Rakintzis – S.A.G.A.P.O – this song is pretty simple actually but I like that it’s kind of electronic. And it’s catchy.

4. Norwegian song from 2003Jostein Hasselgard – I’m Not Afraid To Move On – handsome blond boy behind a piano singing – when you’re in your teens you just can’t resist it.

5. Germany’s song from 2004Max – Can’t Wait Until Tonight – beautiful song, good lyrics and great atmosphere.

6. Norway’s song from 2005Wig Wam – In My Dreams – it’s a rock song from a band that resembles Kiss. I liked it.

7. Denmark’s song from 2005Jakop Sveistrup – Talking To You – good performers, nice lyrics, good vibe.

8. Lithuanian song from 2006LT United – We Are The Winners – mocking the Eurovision a bit but in a good way. The main singer has a great rock-voice and one of the other singers looks like Wilson from House, M.D. And the bald singer rocking out – just awesome.

9. Finland 2006Lordi – Hard Rock Hallelujah – a classic. I was sure that this song is not going to win but I liked it anyway and oh the joy when Lordi truly won the competition. The best song of the Eurovision in all time (to me at least).

10. Israel 2007Teapacks – Push The Button – a political statement and good performers and a funny song that stood out from the others.

11. Iceland 2007Erikur Hauksson – Valentine Lost – a great rock ballad.

12. Czech Republic 2007 Kabat – Mala Dama – a good rock song, I especially liked the singers raspy and low voice. And good lyrics also.

13. Moldova 2007Natalia Barbu – Fight – a good combination of soft rock, violins and a great voice. Plus the lyrics about standing strong for your dreams – just a good song.

14. Finland 2007Hanna Pakarinen – Leave Me Alone – a great hard rock song, Hanna has a unique voice and brings out the emotions of the song.

15. France 2007 Fatals Picards – Amour A La Francaise – such a cool song song mixed with French and English lyrics, funny guys in the band and a fun performance.

16. Ukraine 2007Verka – Dancing Lasha Tumbai – this is a song that is weird and cool at the same time, I had seen Verka’s movie before and I knew what a funny character he-she is and the song is just catchy.

17. Finland 2008 Teräasbetoni – Missa Miehet Ratsasta – I listened to Teräsbetoni before and their entry for the competition was good.

18. Estonia 2009 Urban Symphony – Rändajad – I know I maybe should have put more Estonian songs here but to me “Rändajad” it the best Estonian Eurovision song entry ever.

19. Noway 2009Alexander Rybak – Fairytale – at first I hated this song to be honest – it was too catchy and the lyrics seemed too cheesy. But after a while I just couldn’t resist the violin parts in the song – they are awesome.

20. Turkey 2010maNga – We Could Be The Same – a great song from Turkey, has a nice melody and nice lyrics.

Songs that are good for crazy-dancing and working out:

1. Spain 2001 – David Civera – Dile Que La Quiero

2. Cyprus 2002 – One – Gimmie Gimmie

3. Turkey 2003 – Sertab Ebner – Every Way That I Can

4. Greece 2004 – Sakis Rouvas – Shake It

5. Cyprus 2005 – Constantinus Chrisoforu  – Ela Ela

These are my favorites so far. Every year I also say that it’s a pointless show and the songs are shallow but I watch it anyway. Why? I guess it’s the same as with the cat – they say that curiosity killed the cat. It’s with me also – I’m curious about what more nonsense could come, what will be the show like, why some songs work and others don’t. In a musical sense it doesn’t really give me much if I am completely honest because there are a lot of songs that don’t have a melody, don’t have any credible lyrics and the performers just leave a very bad impression. But it’s interesting  – maybe next year they have even worse singers or show. So, that’s why I watch Eurovision.

  1. Forbidden donut ütles:

    I think that this eurovision sc was the best in the last couple of years. I liked the Turks,French and the German girl.Also Eurovision is not just a song contest but a show who unites Europe, You can also see distribution of ethnic minorities (oh that’s why Russia has so many points 🙂

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