Youtube, we have a problem

Posted: 4. juuni 2010 in Life, Music, Youtube
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I’m just so mad at Youtube at the moment. I hate that they sometimes block the sound of your videos because there “the content seems to be owned by WMG” or some other company. What the “#@!!!%”. If I don’t “mis-use” the content then someone else will and usually people still find ways to sneak away from that rule. I get that the copyrights issue is bad – for example when a band is just releasing a new album and it’s leaked to Youtube. It sucks and the record label could use millions but there is still an advantage there also. For example I have sometimes discovered new artists through Youtube and later I have gone and bought their album – not taken it from Youtube or downloaded it, I have bought it. And usually when a person adds some music to their videos – that person usually owns that certain artists album/or has bought the song from iTunes. So, where is the problem with that? I’m not saying in my video that I have made the music, I’m referencing to the artist who had made that song (free publicity also). And that’s why it sucks when you go through the process of creating a video, being happy with the final version, upload it and then Youtube blocks the sound. It’s just “@&%!!!!#€&&” And when you change the sound/music the video is not the same – it’s like with the soundtrack of a movie, you change the soundtrack you change the overall feeling.

Anyways, I started a new “show” (if I may call it like that) on my channel – I Love History. In the very first episode I concentrated on the knights of Templar – they have been depicted in books like “Ivanhoe” (Sir Walter Scott), “Foucault’s Pendulum” (Umberto Eco) and “The Da Vinci Code”(Dan Brown), movies like “Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade”, “National Treasure”, “Kingdom of Heaven” and “The Da Vinci Code”. And also in video games as “Assassin’s Creed” and “Broken Sword”.  I thought it would be cool to bring out what their true story is and why there is still much mystery around them. And I’ll see what I’ll do for the next time. I think that with this “show” I can’t upload it every week – it just takes more work and I also have the weekly heavy metal news. But I really wanted to something in connection with history because I love history 😉

Also, July is coming nearer and so is the Tuska festival. I’m starting to get a bit nervous because after all I’m meeting some pretty awesome people. I hope everything goes according to plan and really hope that I leave a good impression of myself. After all I don’t want to be remembered as the “weird-and-meaningless-interviewer”. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for everything to work out well 🙂

  1. Drunken Demon ütles:

    Maybe you should look at some flashgame websites. The better ones have quite a big selection of free to use musicpieces from pretty good composers (i think they use creative commons )

    • Drunken Demon ütles:

      … maybe i should mention some sites or else this post doesnt make much sense… jups my mind (there might be more but .. i lookt some up but at this very moment i dont seem to find some music)

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