Live And Let Live

Posted: 10. juuni 2010 in Life, Music, Society
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This time I’m writing about a pretty debated and controversial subject – religion. Today I got into an argument (not really an argument, rather an exchange of ideas) with someone who commented the death of Ronnie James Dio on my Youtube channel. He/She asked if Ronnie is in heaven or hell and why people keep saying “Rest In Peace” because “if he is in hell, there can be no rest or peace.. according to bible scriptures, Jesus said you must be born again to enter heaven….”. It irritated me a bit because when a person dies I do not think if that person is now in heaven or hell and when I say RIP then I mean that I wish their soul (wherever it may be) would be in peace.

I am not a religious person – I do not follow any specific religion. But I am not an atheist either. I have read the Bible and I consider it to be a good source of historical material about the way Jews lived and how their society was organized. But – I am a spiritual person, I believe that some kind of higher force exists, I believe in karma and I believe in fate.

What I do not like about religion is the fact the when you “join” a religion if have to follow certain rules and in many ways religion forbids/limits creativity (take for example “Angels and Demons”, Behemoth’s singers charges, Rammstein’s latest album and many albums from different other metal artists – they are highly criticized by the leading church figures). Of course it all comes down to a person itself – I know people that are religious (Christian, Muslim) and are very nice people and I have great respect for them. But I absolutely hate any religious extremists – be it Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or any other.

To me religion is something that gives a person hope in the darkest hours of their life. Hope and consolation and the strength to live. For me that is music – it gives me hope and consolation and also the strength in my darkest hours. Maybe it is God talking to me through music – I do not know that, I only know it’s my “drug” and “cure”.

My main motto has always been – live and let live. So, if a person believes in something, than I respect that but in turn I also expect to be respected by them the way I am – be it a believer or not a believer.


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