I’m excited because the FIFA World Cup has finally begun. I was really looking forward to it. I like watching football – there is just something about this game that captures my attention and I get so hooked on it that I just sit, watch and cheer along.

I remember that the first I watched some World Cup games was in 1998 and in that year France played really good and finally they were the world champions. I was very happy. After the 1998 World Cup I became a fan of football and I have watched both World Cup games and European Cup games. My favorite teams throughout these years have been France, Germany, Italy and Portugal. In the last World Cup in 2006 both France and Italy were in the final – I was hoping for France to win because it was the very first team that I watched and to whom I cheered for. But my brother was on Italy’s side. I remember that we had a huge argument and the game itself certainly gave people something to argue about – the “fight” between Zidane and Matterazzi. I felt really sad that Zidane had to end his career with a red card but I must admit that if he himself had stayed more calm this thing would not have been.

This time I’m also cheering for Germany, Italy and Portugal and although the French have played quite badly I still hope that they make it to the semi-finals. But looking at yesterday’s game – it would be a miracle. France vs Uruguay was quite a boring game and the French blew many great chances they had. My highest hopes are on Germany. I know that one of their key players Ballack is injured and can’t play but I’m hoping that the rest of the team is still good and can make it to the final.

So, now we have a whole month full of football 🙂 When there were the European Championships during the final game I was at Tuska Open Air and only saw the end of the game. Luckily this time the final is on July 11 – by that time I will be back and can enjoy the final game 🙂


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