Can’t Help Falling In Love

Posted: 19. juuni 2010 in Life, Society
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I just found this clip on Youtube from the concert dedicated to crown-princess Victoria of Sweden and her newly-wed husband Daniel Westling. It was such a sweet clip and moved me – even tough I’m not Swedish at all. Here’s the clip itself:

I’ve always liked the Swedish royal family. Current king Carl Gustav XVI and queen Silvia just seem to be such a lovely couple and they are exactly like a royal couple should be. And it’s very sweet to watch Victoria and Daniel – it’s obvious how much they love each other. I’d dare to say that to me the Swedish royal family seems even more “royal” than that of the Great Britain. And I also find it a bit strange that princes Harry and William are not attending the wedding – the are watching football in South-Africa. Don’t get me wrong – I love football myself and haven’t missed a single game so far but I still wouldn’t miss this wedding. But who am I to say that they are doing things wrong – I am not of royal heritage and maybe they are just tired of these “official parties”. Who knows? But to come back to that clip – the children were so sweet in the video – when they came and waved the little Swedish flags and sang to Victoria and Daniel I was  like “awwwwwwwwww”. And it was also obvious how much the current king and queen were touched by this concert and how the other guests also enjoyed it. I wish all the best to princess Victoria and Daniel and as they say in Swedish – “Jag önskar er all lycka och glädje. Grattis!” 🙂


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