The Good Die Young

Posted: 26. juuni 2010 in Books
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Recently I finished reading a book about Marilyn Monroe. To be honest I have always considered her a beautiful woman but I never had any respect for her because I thought she was a typical “dumb blonde”. For my only excuse I can say that there is a significant time gap between us (I didn’t know her when she was alive) – she was born 1926 and died in 1962 but I was born 25 years later in 1987. But of course I had heard of her but apparantly not enough to know her. My grand-father has always considered her to be the “ultimate woman” and had talked a lot about her. I actually have seen only one movie where she has starred in – “Some Like It Hot” along-side Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. Since I like reading biographies my grand-father advised me this new book about Marilyn he had bought. This book was published in 2009 and is called “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe”.

At first I was sceptical when I started to read this book but when I finished it I was overwhelmed and sad. I was sad because Marilyn turned out to be a woman who was stunningly beautiful and intelligent but also a woman with a broken soul, haunted by her mothers and grand-mothers destiny and a woman who was often dependant on the people who would make her life even harder and drove her to her “mother’s path”. Her life wasn’t easy at all and everything she had achieved was a result of hard work and overcoming of personal problems. She was a kind soul and very warm-hearted to people around her.

I was disappointed to read that her second husband  – baseball player Joe DiMaggio had beaten her. Also what disappointed me was the fact that the film companies wanted her to stay in that “dumb blond” role even though she herself wanted stronger and more meaningful roles. Then of course the problems she had due to her mother who was dignosed with schizophrenia and was hospitalized all her life.  Her third husband – playwright Arthur Miller – found her charming and smart but not equal to his intelligence. He wrote in his diary that he agrees with his friend who thought that Marilyn was a bitch. When Marilyn found that diary and read what he had wrote it was devastating to her. Then of course the fact the she had two miscarriages and finally the doctor told her that she can’t have children (she had wanted children very much). And finally the behaviour of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He (having always been a woman’s man) wanted her, had her and then dumped her after one night with her. Marilyn fell in love but to JFK she was just another conquest. When you add to that her own constant hesitations she had – she’s not beautiful enough, she’s not smart enough, she’s not a real actress, she’ll have the same destiny as her mother…. I believe that she had enough and just decided to end her constant misery. Later it was revealed that she had a bipolar disorder which could have been treated well with the right medications.

I was sad because all her life had been a constant struggle filled with disappointments and yet she managed to leave such an impression to the world that even now – 50 years later people consider her a great star and one of the most beautiful women ever lived.

So, as they say – never judge a book by it’s cover. And as of know I have to admit that I have great respect for the woman and I consider myself as one of her fans. It would have been great if she could have lived longer so people would know more about her. But as always – the good die young.


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