Tuska Festival – Truly The Best Nordic Oddity

Posted: 12. juuli 2010 in Life, Music
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The city of Helsinki gives out “Best of Helsinki” awards. Many times “The Best Nordic Oddity” has been Tuska Open Air Metal Festival. This year the Tuska festival that was held in the heart of Helsinki – Kaisaniemi park took place from 2nd to 4th of July. And this year it was a totally new experience for me. Previous years I had been just a visitor but this year I went there also as journalist and interviewer – and that was something totally new for me.

Some info and impressions about the festival can be heard from the videos I made. But I wanted to add a couple of things here too.

Best performers for me in the festival: Satyricon, Swallow The Sun, Kamelot and Megadeth

The artist to whom people made the biggest moshpit: Cannibal Corpse

New finds from the festival: Hypocrisy, Blake, Turmion Kätilöt

As good as always: Tarot, Overkill, W.A.S.P, Sotajumala

Best after-Tuska party: Ronnie James Dio Memorial Gala

Organization: I was very happy with the way things were organized because everything started at time, there were security guards moving around in the festival area and on the 3rd day even some police officers – so it was felt that the environment was safe. There was a medicine tent, a little tent where you could leave your stuff (like your big bag or something like it) and they’d be watched over for a small amount of money, there were many rock shops out there so you could also buy band shirts, belts, hats and everything. This year there was also this military kind of tent where you could buy military related stuff.

The food and drink: as always you could bring your own food and drink along. I actually did not do it. When I wanted something I went and bought it from the many food and drink places that were there. But many Finns had brought their own stuff.

The venue itself: festival area consisted of three stages: Radio Rock main stage, Inferno side-stage and Sue side-stage. I’ve always thought that the two side-stages are a bit small and they are too “shed-like”. That’s why in a way I understand that next year they want to hold the festival in a new and bit bigger place – Suvilahti. This place is still in Helsinki but just not in the centre part of the town. I understand why they want to change the venue but still I like Kaisaniemi park. Our hotel was quite close to the park, many rock pubs and clubs are close to Kaisaniemi and even rock shops are near there. But Suvilahti is farther away. But we’ll see next year how they will pull this off. As they say – don’t judge something if you haven’t been there yourself. A big plus this year: they added a big screen next to the main stage and there where camera men who recorded the performances so people could see better what was happening on the stage.

People: as always Finns are known for two things – being very friendly and being totally drunk. Both of these “qualities” were present in that festival too. The drinking did not bother me – it’s a festival, you come there to have fun and as long as you are not disturbing other people around you it’s your business. And I always highly appreciate the friendliness of the Finns – when you ask them something they are always willing to help and they are always willing to share with you things. And of course they know how to have a good time. What I appreciate also is the fact that when a band comes to the stage the Finns already have hands in the air and they are cheering for the band. To make a comparison – in Estonia it takes a bit more time for the people to really get into the music. But the Finns get into the music the very first second a band steps on the stage. And in my opinion – that’s a really good thing.

Most negative aspect: as I said in the video – the overly hot and sunny weather. We got sun burnt and it was not so fun, on the last day I had to have a scarf over my shoulders. But the organizers were keeping the crowd safe – during the gigs they turned on the water sprinklers and spread the water over the people – in that way they prevented the people getting sunstroke. They also handed out for free Dr.Pepper and some kind of other energy drink.

Best experience on a personal level: meeting with the members of Swallow The Sun, Satyricon and Megadeth. I’ve been looking up to these people and I finally got to meet them, interview them and get a short glimpse of what kind of people they are in everyday life.

My overall judgment for the festival: definitely 5/5. The Finns just know how to make a good and memorable festival. And it really is the best Nordic oddity.




Here are the videos about Tuska Open Air 2010:


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