What label are you?

Posted: 2. aug. 2010 in Life, Society
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Dress in black? – Emo or Goth. Like documentaries? – Nerd. Have blond hair? – Dumb. Are a woman from Eastern-Europe? – Slut.

I hate all these labels and I hate it when people try to put you  under one label because in reality people usually are interested in various things and can look whatever they want.  So why label? I guess it’s something to with the “us vs them” concept. If you are like us you belong to our  group but if you are not – you must be under different “label”. First of all what bothers me is that labels are for cans not for people. And secondly what bothers me the most in recent times is the last example I brought – a woman from Eastern Europe=slut. That is wrong in so many levels and yet people from the Western Europe or USA totally believe it.

First of all – yes the Eastern European countries were once a part of the USSR or were under its influence. But the USSR is gone, it does not exist anymore. And every one of those Eastern European countries has chosen its own path and differs from other countries. One can not assume that Eastern European countries still “look” like and function like the Russian Federation – it’s completely wrong.

Secondly – prostitutes exist in all countries around the world. As they say – it’s the oldest job in the world. I’m not saying it’s right and an ok thing in the society but I am saying that there are prostitutes in every part of the world. For example there are prostitutes in the UK but I don’t assume that every woman/girl from the UK is a slut and “easy to get”.

Some time ago a friend from the US said to me that there is a girl he knows who told him not to have contact with me. I asked why and he explained that this girl had said that “oh, you know the women from Eastern Europe. They are sluts and basically just want your money”. I was so insulted. I would never date a man (Estonian or foreign) for his money. That’s just against my basic principles. And to assume that just because I’m from Eastern Europe that I am a slut? It just seemed so unfair. About 5-6 years ago an Italian acquaintance came here to explore Estonia and I showed him around my town. And when we went out to eat I paid the bill because it seemed the right thing to do as a hostess. So I was very insulted indeed.

But a week ago I read an article where an Estonian journalist who lives in the UK wrote that for a couple of years she said she was from Finland not Estonia because every time she said she was from Estonia people looked down on her and she started getting weird and insulting proposals. And I realized that this is a bigger issue then I thought.

I’m not denying that there aren’t any prostitutes here and I’m not denying that there aren’t  girls/women who do marry foreign men just for money but it’s not so every time. And to label women from Eastern Europe under sluts it’s just so wrong and unfair and demeaning to women.

Actually I think it’s the same as with Muslims today. You say Muslim and a lot of people would reply terrorist. And it’s also very wrong – there are religious extremists but not all Muslims are terrorists. The same is with Eastern European women. I personally think that such labels or statements are done by people who aren’t really intelligent and educated enough to know how things really are. They are interested only what’s going on around them, not what’s going on around the world. And that’s a shame – people should know what is happening in the world, beyond their own borders and be interested in it. Otherwise we will have even more meaningless wars and accidents.

So my whole point is that every person is different and you can’t just categorize everything. It’s shallow and childish.


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