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Posted: 26. aug. 2010 in Life, Youtube
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Since I’m doing videos on Youtube myself I’ve become a part of the community and there are lot of interesting, talented, funny and awesome people whom I’ve never would have known if there weren’t for Youtube. So in a way Youtube is like Nokia – connecting people. But I thought I just bring out (not in any particular order) some of the people I always follow and whose videos I always want to see.

  • Shane Dawson – well, he has a lot of followers but he does have great content too. His videos are always funny (sometimes a bit over the top for me) but what I really like is that he always has this more serious side on his videos also. And he always plays all the characters himself. Out of all the characters I think that Shanneny (I probably spelled it wrong) and Aunt Hilda are the funniest. And  his Youtube story – how he got fired and then managed to survive all this hassle and become a famous comedian – it was inspiring. Here is the link to Shane’s channel –
  • Shaycarl and the ShayTards – Shay has a wife, has four kids and a big dog. One day he started to makes videos on Youtube and started this project where he promised to film every single day of their family life. He did it and it got so popular that he now continues to vlog everyday. Why I like it? It’s fun to watch what they are doing, how they’re kids are growing and Shay always does something funny. In a way I’ve always thought that they are like the real life Simpsons – only Shay is much more smarter and funnier than Homer and their son doesn’t act like Bart. Shay never talks to her family members with their real name, instead he refers to his wife as Mommytard, first born son – Sontard, second child, daughter – Princesstard, third child, daughter – Babytard and the last child, a baby boy – Rocktard. Here is the link to their channel –
  • Vlogbrothers – also known as Hank and John Green. Hank and John are brothers who decided that in order to communicate more with each other (since they live in different cities) that for a year they would stop all text communication and instead speak on the phone and mainly upload videos every day to inform each other what they are doing. This project was called “Brotherhood 2.0”. But they got so many followers that they continued the videos and mainly their followers are called Nerdfighters (like freedom fighters). They don’t only talk about their lives but they always touch some important subjects also – current news, books, films, etc. John Green is actually a well-known writer and Hank Green a well-known environmental protection professional. They also started a project that every year on December 17 people would upload videos about their most favorite charity project and explain why they support it so much. I really like them and I guess I could say I’m one of the Nerdfighters. Here is the link to their channel –
  • RayWilliamJohnson – Ray reviews viral videos and usually makes jokes about them. Many Youtube “hits” have been reviewed on his show. He has always something funny to say and I usually watch his show when I want something to cheer me up – laughing is guaranteed always. Here is Ray’s channel –
  • Smosh – the comedy duo consisting of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. Also always laughing guaranteed. Ian usually plays the more whining and negative characters and Anthony more cheerful ones. Together they are just awesome and I always look forward to their videos. Here is their channel –
  • Kandee Johnson – Kandee is a make-up artist. But when you watch her videos more you realize that it has become so much more than just make-up. She opened up about her life and how much she has had to work to make her dreams come true and she always encourages others to follow their dreams. She just radiates positivity and creativity. Link to her channel –
  • KassemG – Kassem is a comedian. His most famous project is “California on….” where he strolls the beaches in California asking people about various subject. It’s  great to see what people think and Kassem gives no mercy – he always insults people similar to Gregory House. He also does “Going Deep with…” – there he interviews adult film actresses. I’ve never really watched it because it’s not really my thing or my cup of tea. But he has participated in various projects, also song parodies like Lady GaGa’s “Alejandro” (“Taek Won Do”) and The Station’s  music video “Best Party Ever”. Here is a link to his channel –
  • sxephil – also known as Philip De Franco. He has his own show where he reviews the news and usually declares the douche-bag of the day and he usually talks satirically about the news. So, here’s the link –
  • RhettAndLink – two guys, Rhett and Link, making videos about everything – music videos, local commercials and many more. First video I ever saw from them was the “In the 80’s” music video which I loved. Lately they began a new project – they call on behalf of people to other people , for example they called in the name of one man to notify Walmart that the man quit his job there. They also developed the “mythical shoe”. Here’s their channel –
  • Key Of Awesome – he usually does parody music videos and they are hilarious. I really liked his take on Metallica (metal kitties), Lady GaGa’s “Telephone” and Adam Lambert’s “What Do You Want From Me”. Here is the link to his channel –
  • The Station – it’s an online sketch channel founded by Youtubers like LisaNova, davedays and many others. Here is their link –

Actually there are many many great people out there and I couldn’t list them all. It’s just some of them. I only wish I could have as many followers one day as they have. That would be totally awesome 🙂


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