Dead To The World

Posted: 11. sept. 2010 in Life, Music
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Have you ever wondered – how much more lemons can life give you? The optimists say – when life gives you lemons make lemonade. Well, I’ve been given lemons for some time now and I’m fed up with trying to make lemonade. I’d like something else now.

BUT it’s not the main subject of today’s post. I just wanted to put the information up here also about the reviews that I’m doing. Yes, I’ve started reviewing albums. Of course they are just my observations and opinions that should not be taken too seriously – after all every person has his/her own opinion. Since I just started it there are only three reviews:

* Blind Guardian – “At The Edge Of Time”

* Apocalyptica – “7th Symphony”

* Tarja – “What Lies Beneath”

I’m also working on Kataklysm’s “Heaven’s  Venom” and Iron Maiden’s “Final Frontier” reviews. They should be up soon. And in the future I hope to add many other reviews also 🙂



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