Letting Go

Posted: 27. sept. 2010 in Life
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How do you let go of the people you love? This is the questions that’s been on my mind for the past month. I don’t know how to do it and I don’t want to do it. But it seems that I have no other chance.

I am talking about my little brother. Time has been flying and next year he is entering the university. But the thing is that he wants to go to SCOTLAND and study there. That’s far away, he doesn’t know anyone there and what if something really bad happens there. I know that everyone has to fly out of the nest and live their own life but he is doing that so far from us. The worry phrase – what if – is constantly on my mind and every time I think about him going away my heart gets extremely heavy.

Luckily my second brother is still here but only for about two years. Then he’ll move to another town to enter the university – but at least he will stay here in Estonia. When we were little kids the three of us did everything together – played cops together, played football together, made a band together, played board-games etc. I love them so much. I always pictured that when we are grown up we live in the houses the next to each other, I can babysit and play with their kids and they can babysit mine.

Well, I guess that nothing really goes like it’s planned. And of course – why should it? Every one has their own life path  and should do what really pleases them and makes them happy. But it’s just really hard for me to let go of the people I love.

  1. […] But this time I want to write on more personal matters. I wrote about my brother’s leaving in this post.  The date of his departure to Scotland has come  – he will leave for Scotland next Saturday. […]

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