Planet Hell

Posted: 4. okt. 2010 in Life, Society, Youtube
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I’m finally starting the new band introductions. The new bands will be featured on my Youtube channel under the heading “Shout Out Day”. The first “Shout Out Day” will be on this Wednesday and I will introduce 5 new bands that I have discovered and liked. I’ve also urged people to let me know if they have a band and would also like to be featured on the “Shout Out Day”. I think it’s a good opportunity for new bands to be noticed. At least I hope so.

Next Monday I’m heading off for Scotland and therefore I won’t be able to make new “Shout Out Day” next week. I doubt I have the time to make the news for the following week also because I’ll be away for the whole week. I’m excited to go to Scotland – I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland. But I’m also a bit disturbed about the whole heightened security that is in Europe at the moment. Even the US and Japan warned their people about traveling to Europe because there is a serious terrorist threat. I really hope that nothing happens. Plus – I am not a big fan of flying anyways. Sometimes I wonder – is it really too much to ask for the world not to be planet hell?

BUT – I want to be positive, so – SCOTLAND HERE I COME 😉


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