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I am back from Scotland and I loved it there. The nature was overwhelming, the people were so friendly and polite and I had fun. Although I’m not glad about the reason I went there, I am glad that alongside with the main reason I got the opportunity to visit Scotland.

I mostly spent time in Dundee and Edinburgh. I guess Edinburgh as the capital of Scotland is more well-known but Dundee isn’t. So, here is something about Dundee. It’s the fourth largest city in Scotland and it lies on the north bank of the Firth of Tay which feeds into the North Sea. Dundee developed into a “proper” town in Medieval times and expanded rapidly in the 19th century largely due to the jute industry. This along with its other major industries gave Dundee its epithet as the city of “jam, jute and journalism”. Dundee is also called the city of discovery because of its history of scientific activities and of the RSS Discovery, Robert Falcon Scott’s Antarctic exploration vessel, which was built in Dundee and is now berthed  in the city harbor. Dundee has two big universities: the University Of Dundee and the University of Abertay Dundee. Actually rock band Snow Patrol was formed in Dundee while the members of the band attended University of Dundee and Placebo’s singer Brian Moloko grew up in Dundee. It really was a very beautiful city with awesome architecture and breathtaking landscape. And of course the people – so polite, so friendly and so accepting.

Edinburgh was a bit different and of course bigger than Dundee. What I really liked about Edinburgh was that it had so much historical heritage – Edinburgh Castle, Scott Monument, Royal Mile, Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh Vaults and so much more. Edinburgh districts Old Town and New Town are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Overall speaking the trip was fun and I really enjoyed it. But as always there has to be something bad also. Mainly there were only three things that bothered me.

1. The looooooong flight – since I didn’t get the direct flight to Edinburgh I had to change the flights which was quite tiresome. First I flew from Tallinn to Helsinki, then from Helsinki to Manchester, then from Manchester to Edinburgh and then I had to take a train to get from Edinburgh to Dundee. The route back was pretty much the same. I wouldn’t want fly like this anymore.

2. The flying company Flybe.com basically stole 60 GBP from us. The story was like this: when we did the check-in in Tallinn we had two bags and they could do the check-in only to Manchester because the flight between Manchester-Edinburgh was a domestic flight and we had to re-do the check-in. That was fine with us. When we arrived at Manchester we took our two bags and wanted to the check-in for the next flight. It turned out that Flybe charges a price from your bags and 1 bag=30 GBP. If we had knew that and payed for it online then it would have been 1 bag=10 GBP. But ok, it was our travel agency’s fault. Since we had two bags we decided to reorder the bags so that only one bag would be the one that gets  charged and the other one would remain a handbag that can be taken into the plane with us. We did that and got ready to pay 30GBP for our ONE bag. BUT it turned out that they charged us with 90GBP!!!! Why??? Because they said that we had 2 bags in transfer and now we are adding 1 extra bag. So together it would have been like we had 3 bags. In reality we had only 1. But we could not make it clear to the Flybe company representatives. In fact the man we spoke to was so rude and kept implying like we don’t want to pay for our 3 bags. It’s absolutely absurd!!! WE ONLY HAD ONE BAG! Finally I stopped arguing with that incredibly rude man and we payed 90 GBP. So yeah Flybe stole 60 GBP from us. I definitely don’t advise anyone of using the flight company Flybe.

3. Edinburgh House Hotel in Edinburgh. It was cheap so I didn’t expect anything overly glamorous in there but I did hope that the rooms would have central heating which they didn’t have. The room was so cold that we kept making tea and coffee in order to keep us warm. Even outside was warmer than inside. And then we had to leave early in the morning to catch our flight and wanted to check out then there was nobody at the reception. All of the hotel staff were sleeping and the corridors were dark (it was 6.00 am in the morning). We left our room key onto the reception desk and just left. Not the best of hotels where I’ve been.

But as I said in the beginning. Overall it was a good trip and Scotland really is so beautiful. I’d like to go back there and see not so much of the city life but the country side of Scotland, the mountains or as they say the highlands. Oh, and the funniest thing was that when we were shopping the salesman for some reason thought I was from Spain and said to me “Gracias”. AND it’s not the first time people assume I’m from Spain or Italy. I don’t really get why – yes I have dark hair but I have blue eyes and lighter skin. It’s just weird and puzzling 🙂


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