OMG! You’re still on Facebook?

Posted: 3. nov. 2010 in Life, Society
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Recently I’ve heard so much criticism on social networking (especially Facebook) that I thought I’d write about it. It actually pisses me off a bit that it matters to many people how many other people use Facebook – who cares? If I use a social networking website it’s my choice and damn you if you criticize me for it.

Yes I use Facebook. But NO, I am not a Facebook addict. I do not play any games there (no Farmville or Mafia Wars or any other). I don’t post status messages often. What I am guilty of is posting music videos I like and songs I’m addicted to. And what’s wrong with that. Besides I’ve gotten in touch with people I never would have gotten touch in real life. And yes, I’ve met these people in real life too. In my opinion it’s a good way to enlarge your social circle – for example in my everyday life I don’t travel so much and could never meet awesome people from Mexico or the USA. But through Facebook and other social networking sites I’ve met them and I’m happy that I did. Why is it so wrong to build your social capital?

I know there have been extreme cases when people really are Facebook-addicts. They spend their whole day on Facebook, they must put every step they make as their status message (even I’m going to the bathroom) and they play Farmville all day long. Of course that is not healthy but in the end it’s the persons own choice to do that. It’s basically the same with when people accuse that metal music has driven people to commit suicide. It’s just lame. If a person wants to commit suicide and thinks there is no other way out then it doesn’t matter what kind of music he/she listens. Majority of metal songs deal with tough subjects – death, suicide, murder, violence, hatred etc. And it’s necessary because people can “live” through these situations in the songs and get these emotions/thoughts out of their system. For example musician Tuomas Holopainen stated that after the firing of their vocalist people were very angry with him and there was a lot of media coverage. He said that at times he felt like killing himself and he did that – in a song called “The Poet And The Pendelum”. The song gave him (and I dare to hope other people) an outlet. So, a song can’t be the reason for suicide or violence. And also Facebook (or any other social networking website) itself can’t make people more careless, depressed or alienated. It’s the persons own choice.

Of course there are some social networks that I don’t think are necessary – for example Twitter. I once made a Twitter account but I’ve posted maybe 2-3 updates. I just can’t post something so irrelevant as “I have a hangover”, “I just had sex” or “I am eating pizza”. I just don’t use it. But that doesn’t mean that Twitter is lame or stupid – no, I think it’s an interesting phenomena and certainly necessary to some people.

But in general I think social networks are necessary and let’s face it – fun also. If they weren’t fun we wouldn’t use them.  And they are a good way to get a quick reaction from people – for example there was the Bosnian girl who threw puppies into the river. Almost immediately people started this online “hunt” for this girl and in the end they found her and she had to take responsibility for her actions. And  I think it’s awesome.


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