I Can Has Mercy???

Posted: 25. nov. 2010 in Life, Society
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(This is actually my cat)

This Wednesday I saw something from the TV that I really didn’t like. In one show there was a section where a woman introduced his fox (yes, a real fox from the wild). The fox had been wounded and she raised the fox in her farm. And what does she do now – she trains dogs with this fox so that hunting dogs can get over the fear of wild animals and can get better at tracking them. And how does she does it – she puts the fox in a cage and then dogs come and just bark at the fox, then she puts the fox into a little den and then lets the dogs chase the fox. After watching this I felt disgusted. Did she really save the fox only to scare the fox to death later on? I don’t know, maybe it is a common hunting tradition but either way it’s just wrong.

Another thing what bothered me with animals is also something I saw on TV. There was this show in which the dog owners put their dogs paws into paint and then lured the dog on to a canvas and later said that the dog had painted it. WTF? Dogs don’t paint. Let’s just let animals be animals. I also don’t like when people dress up their animals. I can understand it when it’s a very small dog that’s afraid of cold but most dogs or other animals aren’t afraid of cold. And I absolutely HATE it when people carry their dogs as accessories, aka Paris Hilton style. It’s just so stupid and demeaning to animals. As I said – people should let animals be just animals not make them into their accessories, babies or anything else like it.

Sometimes it just amazes me how cruel can people be towards animals. There have been loads and loads of cases where people abuse animals. And for what, to show the animals that man is still the king of nature? I don’t think so. Animals don’t kill other animals for any other purpose than food. Humans kill humans just because. It’s just sickening. I actually got my cat (see picture above) also because when it was a kitten it was thrown out. We found this small kitten in our corridor, it was purring very loudly and then we noticed that it had only three paws. The forth paw was injured so that it is like a waiter’s hand holding a cloth. Obviously we took the kitten in and went to the vet with it. The vet said that nothing can be done about the forth paw but the cat can manage pretty well with just three paws also. Now my cat is almost 5 years old and it’s so great having it around. I couldn’t hurt it in a million years. And I honestly don’t understand people who abandon their pets, kill or hurt them or just torture them. Animals are called wild but sometimes it seems to me that people are more of  “wild animals”  then the real wild animals.


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