On Saturday Estonia had the honor of hosting this year’s European Film Awards 2010. The EFA’s are equal to American Oscar’s. I’ve never really watched it before and since this year it was in my country I decided to do so. It was pretty interesting. The show itself wasn’t so grandiose as the Oscars but that’s what I really liked about it. For the Americans the Oscars are a big show during which some awards are given out. But the EFA’s were firstly an award giving event and then a show.

What bothered me was the fact that I didn’t know so many great actor/actresses that were there. Our TV-channels mainly focus on Hollywood films. Like only Hollywood films are the “true” films. Yes, many Hollywood films are great films but not all of them are great films. Some of them are really crappy. And I think that sometimes our channels should show some European films also. Actually the only channel that shows some European films is the Estonian National Television (ETV). And that’s a shame because there are really good European films out there. For example one of my favorite films ever is “Amelie”(French movie directed by Jean-Pierre Jaunet), then “Dancer In The Dark” (Danish movie, directed by Lars von Trier), “Pahat Pojat” and “Matti” (Finnish movies, directed by Aleksi Mäkela), “Fantomas” (French movie, directed by Andre Hunebelle), “Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez” (French movie, directed by Jean Girault), “The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg” (French movie, directed by Jacques Demy), “The Great Stroll”(French movie, directed by Gerard Oury), “Nikita” (French movie, directed by Luc Besson), “Paris, je t’aime” (French movie, directed by various people), “My Left Foot” (Irish movie, directed by Jim Sheridan), “Life Is Beautiful” (Italian movie, directed by Roberto Benigni) + countless films from the United Kingdom.

The movies that were nominated to various European Film Awards seemed to be pretty interesting. I’d definitely would like to see “The Ghost Writer” (directed by Roman Polanski), “The Secret In Their Eyes” (directed by Juan Jose Campanella), “Lebanon” (directed by Samuel Maoz) and “Cell 211” (directed by Daniel Monzon). And also very interesting seemed to be the documentary movie which won in it’s category “Nostalgia For The Light”(directed by Patricio Guzman).

As for the big stars that took part from this awards ceremony – Juliette Binoche was here, Roman Polanski talked through Skype, Bruno Ganz and Alexandre Desplait were here and many other famous Europeans also. Ewan McGregor was also invited but he was filming in Thailand and he sent only a video message.

I liked the ceremony and I really liked the hosts – German comedian Anke Engelke and our own actor Märt Avandi. They were both funny and I’m glad they were chosen as the hosts of EFA. What again bothered me was the following – too many Estonian politicians and not so many film people were at the gala. I was so mad when I saw a certain person – Peeter Võsa – appear on the Red Carpet. He is doing a TV-show on a commercial channel and his tv-show is about people who are homeless or drunks. He doesn’t help them in his show, he laughs at them and just brings out conflict. And he was invited to that big film event. Why? Because is a member of the Estonian Center Party (Keskerakond) and this party (along with Tallinn City government) was one of the financers of the event. And that was in my opinion wrong. This gala was about actors, film makers, operators, composers and other people belonging to the cultural elite. This was not an event with political undertone. That’s why it pisses me off that almost half of our parliament members were present at the event. That was a big fail.

But overall I was very happy that Estonia was the place where this years EFA’s were handed out and I am very pleased that the organizers managed to handle everything well and hopefully the whole event left a good impression.


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