Julian Assange is the DEVIL???

Posted: 9. dets. 2010 in Society
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I thought that this time I’d write about Julian Assange who is the spokesperson of Wikileaks. Why? Well, during these couple of weeks it has seemed to me that the witch-hunt for Julian Assange has become very similar to the witch-hunt in medieval time. And I think that is something modern world should not have.

I’m not saying I’m pro-Wikileaks and I’m not saying I’m contra either. When it comes to Wikileaks itself I’m a bit torn. On the one hand we have freedom of speech and press which means that everything should be allowed to be published – be it a very creepy book or secret government documents. This freedom gives people the right to do so. And there have been documents that Wikileaks has revealed that should in fact be public. Like when Wikileaks uploaded a video where it could be seen how the U.S forces killed Iraqi civilians and journalists. I think that the Iraqi was has been a failure anyway and if the soldiers act in such a way (killing basically innocent people) then it should be publicized in order to prevent such cases in the future. But on the other hand there is the ethical side of things. For example I don’t know if it was such a good idea to expose the U.S Diplomatic documents. Yes, at first it was interesting to read what the diplomats really think about various country’s politicians and leaders but it made me also think that diplomats are called diplomats because it is their job to be reasonable and polite with various leaders and politicians and they should not reveal their personal opinions but instead the public opinions have to be based on their country’s official foreign policy. But the documents that Wikileaks “un-covered” were the personal opinions of the diplomats. And in the end – it only caused “bad blood” among various countries and the U.S. So regarding Wikileaks I guess I could say I support the cause and the overall publicizing but that does not mean I support every “leak” that appears through Wikileaks.

But what I definitely don’t support is the prosecuting of Julian Assange. He is the spokesperson of Wikileaks that was arrested in London under charges of alleged sexual offenses. Many people consider him to be the only person responsible for the “leaks” and act like he is the real devil in this world and should be “eliminated”. But he isn’t the only person, he is only the spokesperson. The people that submit the documents to Wikileaks are the main protagonists. And there are a lot people who want and are willing to submit the documents. I think that if Julian Assange gets the “big blame” then it’s like fighting with a dragon – you cut off one head and suddenly two heads arise instead the previous one. And also it reminds me the witch-hunt that took place in the middle ages. People were arrested, forced to confess that they didn’t do and then burned alive. Assange’s alleged sexual assaults surfaced only then when Wikileaks became more important and “heard” in the world. Now many governments are “creating” various charges that could be used against Assange in order to imprison or convict him. That’s just wrong. As I said the whole thing seems to be just a witch-hunt to stop Wikileaks. But they don’t take into account that by “trying” to stop Wikileaks they are also destroying the life of a simple man. And that I don’t support.

  1. Fanny ütles:


    I am currently writing an article about Wikileaks for my schooljournal and I wondered if I could use your photo of Julian Assange to illustrate my article. Is it ok?

    Thank you,


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