Addicted To You

Posted: 12. veebr. 2011 in Life
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blue cheese

Some of the things I’m addicted to

  • Music – I’m always listening to music. Even when I’m having trouble sleeping I put my headphones on and listen to some good music. When I go into a music store I can’t find my way out anymore. There are just so many records I’d like to buy.
  • Coffee – kind of a cliche but it is so. I can’t start a morning without coffee. I like my coffee au naturel – black and without sugar. I know that there are different sorts of coffee – like cafe late or cappuccino or cafe mocha. I usually don’t drink these. But sometimes when I need an extra energy boost I drink espresso. Or when I’m going out I like to have Irish coffee. But on an average day I like plain old coffee
  • Chocolate – I can’t help it. I have a sweet tooth. From an early age I’ve loved chocolate. my favorite chocolates are from Fazer and from our very own Kalev. BUT I don’t like dark chocolate. This is something I try to control and quit because chocolate isn’t really figure-friendly. Sometimes I do feel like Brenda from the series “The Closer“.
  • Cheese – I’m a cheese fan. I like trying out different sorts of cheese and my favorite is blue cheese.
  • Books – I have loads of books at home but every time I walk into a bookstore I walk out with a new book. I wish I could have a big house one day then I would make one room a big reading/library room with a cozy fireplace. That would be awesome.
  • Jewelery – sometimes I can seem like gypsy fortune telling woman or a magpie who is after another “shiny treasure” – I have all these rings, necklaces and bracelets. And I buy more of them. I can’t help it.
  • Make-up – I like to experiment with my make up. But this is an addiction I’m seriously trying to control because buying make up all the time isn’t cheap. I don’t have loads of mascaras at home or tons of cremes but I do go often to a make up store and just look around for new products. Every time I’d like to pick up something and buy I think twice about it because I don’t just want to waste my money.
  • Stumble Upon – I can’t help it. I press the button stumble over and over again because I’m convinced that the next web page is going to be even more interesting
  • Wikipead’ading what’s going to happen in a tv-show/movie/book – I just HAVE TO know. When reading a book I can say that I’m a very quick reader but if the storyline is very intense then I will read it so quickly that I’ll leave out all the important details. So sometimes I just see what’s going happen in the end and then read it calmly focusing on all the details.
  • Elizabeth Arden’s  “Provocative Woman” or Armani’s “Armani Code” perfume – I think they are the best perfumes in the world. I’ve been using “Provocative Woman” for years and I still love it.
  • Posting music videos on Facebook – when I’m going through something I post a video, when I’m just having a good day/bad day I post a video, when I want to say something to someone without actually saying it I post a video.
  • Chewing gum – I always need to have some chewing gum with me. After a snack or a meal I always chew some gum. When I don’t do it it feels just wrong.
  • Making lists – I like things to be organized. Even when I go shopping I like to have a list of what I need to buy. It’s just easier for me.

These are my addictions. Some of them are silly, some not. I guess everyone has something they are addicted to. As long as this “addiction” isn’t hurting yourself or other people then I think it’s ok. Addictions in general are hard to break away from, it takes some character. But when it’s really damaging to yourself or others I think it’s something that need to be done.


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