Disliking People

Posted: 31. mai 2011 in Life, Society
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I am usually a very open person and can easily start a positive relationship with people. But there are some people that even I can’t like and that absolutely and totally irritate me.

  • People who assume that because I’m friendly towards them I am flirting. I am NOT flirting. I simply am friendly to everyone and I do smile almost to every person I’m talking to. That does NOT mean flirting. That means I am an open and friendly person.
  • Snake people aka “the-people-who-talk-trash-behind-your-back” – I can honestly say that I hate that kind of people. Lying, sneaking around, talking about others behind their backs, making up stories etc – I dislike it strongly.
  • Too whiny and overly criticizing people – they bring so much negativity with them that after talking with them I start seeing the negative side in everything and I don’t like it.
  • Bossy people – “do this”, “do that”, “you’re doing it wrong” – I can’t stand that I’m constantly told what I must do. I am an adult and most of the time I know what I am doing or why I am doing it. I don’t need constant guiding. Besides, if I need help I’ll ask for it.
  • People who ALWAYS play by the rules – I have nothing against the rules/laws (call it what you want) but sometimes you have to take into account the “human factor” and bend the rules a bit. Doing everything by the rules in my opinion is not the best thing one can do.
  • People who are convinced that every single idea coming from them is the absolute truth. There is no absolute truth and closing your eyes and saying “Only I am right” is stupid and immature.

These are some types of people I dislike. And when I dislike a person I simply try to ignore them. I don’t say anything bad to them, I don’t bash them or say mean things to them. I simply cut them off my life because life is too short to live with people who make you sad, mad or just plain miserable.


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