I finally finished reading Dan Brown’s latest book “The Lost Symbol” which actually was published already in 2009. I wanted to read this book for so long but every time something intervened. But now I finally finished reading it. I loved the book. I’ve read all of Dan Brown books but not in the order they were released. I first heard about the author Dan Brown through my literature teacher. She advised our class to read “The Da Vinci Code”. At first I had my prejudices but when I was done reading 30 pages from the book I was totally hooked. Dan Brown writes so well that the pages “fly” when you’re reading. I really liked that his book combined a thriller storyline with history, symbology and mythology. Then I read his previous books “Angels And Demons”, “Deception Point” and “Digital Fortress”. And I absolutely loved them.

The main character in “The Lost Symbol” is again symbologist Robert Langdon. The plot revolves around the Freemasons and finding their treasure (the lost symbol) in order to save a man’s life. I didn’t know much about the Freemasons and that’s why it was really interesting for me to read about them. I also didn’t know anything about noetic science but thanks to this book I have a quite clear picture of what kind of questions they are trying to answer. And I don’t know if it’s because lately I’ve been watching only crime related TV-shows and films or something else but in the end I guessed who the main bad guy really was. As I said I really liked the book but I do think that the last 2 chapters in the book could have not been there. If the story had ended with the finding of the lost symbol then it would have been the perfect ending. But the 2 chapters discussing the importance of the treasure to me at least were pretty pointless. maybe it’s because I’m not a religious person and I do not quite agree with the author on the importance of the “lost symbol”. I don’t know. But I am really looking forward to seeing the film version of it. I know that Tom Hanks will once again play Robert Langdon – he fits really well in this role. And I think that the movies about “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons” were really good. I also visited Dan Brown’s official website and it’s so cool – one can find extra information about each of his books and in addition to that there are cool code breaking tests there also. And about the last book one can try to identify certain symbols. Here is the link to the site – http://www.thelostsymbol.com/symbolquest/index.php.

I think Dan Brown is a brilliant writer and I look forward to reading more of his books. And I do hope that he keeps the character Robert Langdon – because he is awesome 😉


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