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I like making lists because they help me stay organized. So here is a little selection of different kind of lists I’ve made.

Rules I live by:

  • Don’t do others what you wouldn’t want to be done to you
  • Consider others feeling and emotions
  • Try to be a better person each day
  • Try to leave a mark in this world
  • Try to help people when they want help
  • Don’t force yourself onto others – if they want, they contact you, if not move on.
  • Firstly try to deal with problems yourself, then turn to other.
  • Have self-respect and don’t do things just because they are done by others
  • Respect and love your friends and family
  • Family always comes first
  • Don’t lose hope because that would be the end of everything

10 things I wish for:

  • Happiness and health for my family
  • Emotionally fulfilling job
  • To find love
  • To explore the world more
  • To buy a big house
  • To have kids someday
  • To leave my mark in this world
  • To meet my musical heroes and inspirations
  • To write a book
  • To direct a short movie/music video

my weird habits:

  • Drinking tea every evening
  • Walking quite slowly – I like to embrace my surrounding not just pace through it
  • Sleeping long in the morning (if I can)
  • Cutting my finger nails short (I hate it when they are too long) – I guess I could never have those fake nails because I really hate it when my nails are so long.
  • I always have some chewing gum or Mynthon with me
  • Before traveling I must have a “to-do” list
  • I always have some headache pills with me because I often get headaches
  • When I must study for something or do some hard mental work I drink extra cups of coffee to go “hyper”
  • When I drink coffee I drink it slowly to really capture the taste
  • I like to have all my CD-s in alphabetical order
  • All my files in computer are foldered under headings, sub-headings etc
  • I like looking at old family photos from time to time to remind all the fun times
  • When it’s raining outside I like to stay in, drink hot coffee and just feel cozy.
  • When I’m walking alone on the street I always have my iPod with my headphones on

my faults:

  • too shy
  • over-thinking everything
  • afraid to try new things
  • worry about small things
  • too lazy sometimes
  • can be stubborn at times
  • don’t trust people easily
  • may forgive but I’ll never forget
  • too serious at times
  • can talk too much or too little
  • can’t handle criticism well
  • need too much time to decide
  • too pessimistic

favorite smells:

  • clean cut grass
  • just printed books
  • menthol
  • the smell of nail polish
  • air after it had rained
  • the smell of sauna or a camp-fire
  • coffee
  • smell of the daffodils
  • freshly cut wood

turn ons:

  • intelligence
  • honesty
  • loyalty
  • witty
  • loves music
  • loves children
  • eyes
  • charisma
  • confidence
  • power
  • can make me laugh
  • bold
  • loves to have fun but at the same time is serious
  • experienced in life
  • plays a musical instrument
  • drives a motorcycle
  • wears leather
  • has a good fragrance on

worst injures to date and how they came to be:

  • In the first grade I and some older boy bumped into each other – we were playing hide and seek and he was taller than I. His teeth were literally in my head. He broke a tooth and I had head wound that needed stitches.
  • I broke my hand while running around the house.
  • I hurt my ribs when I was at an amusement park trying to drive a mini car. My ribs were hurting after it for almost 4 month.
  • In kindergarten I fell off from a sliding toy and broke a bone.
  • In a festival some drunk guy threw a plastic bottle and I got hit in the head. I had a head wound and it was stitched together.

I believe:

  • in karma
  • in fate
  • in reincarnation
  • in ghosts (not the way they are shown in the movies but some spirits)
  • in goodness of people
  • in the healing power of music
  • in love at first sight
  • that in some other parallel universe fairy-tales do come true
  • that there is life in the universe besides Earth
  • that in life there should be balance (yin and yang)

most memorable vacations:

  • Monaco
    • The night sights of Monaco
    • Visiting the marine museum
    • visiting the palace of the prince of Monaco
    • being in the beach
    • visiting a certain small shop
  • Italy
    • visiting Vatican and the Vatican museum
    • St.Peter’s church
    • ancient Rome ruins
    • city of Pompeii
    • visiting and climbing the Mount Vesuvius
    • Southern part of Italy
    • Very beautiful and special hotel in the mountains
    • The island of Capri
    • meeting local people
  • France
    • Paris
      • Visiting the Louvre
      • Eiffel Tower
      • Arc de Triumph
      • Moulin Rouge
      • walking around the Champs Elysee
      • eating out in restaurants
      • visiting the graves of famous people
      • visiting different parts of the city
      • meeting local people
    • Southern-France
      • Nice
      • Cannes
      • being in the beach
      • living the Mediterranean lifestyle
      • magnificent views

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