Well, it has been too long since my last post. And a lot of things have happened. I got older for one thing. I had my birthday in April  and I became 25. It’s actually funny to think that I am 25. When I was 16 I wished so much that I was 25 already. But now that I am so old, it actually doesn’t make any difference. Age is just a number, more important is how you feel yourself.

But anyways, more important change took place in my career field. I left my present job and got a  new job in the justice system. I am currently very happy with it and really like how it all turned out. I really needed the change. The old job gave me lots of experiences in the fields of interpersonal relations, documentation and transcribing but other than that it had little to do with the specialty I learned in the university. That’s why I was thrilled when I got the chance to work for the justice department.

The best gift to me this year was the ticket to Tuska Open Air festival. Yes, I am going there again. And I am absolutely thrilled about it. This year the main performers are Exodus, Edguy, Trivium, Megadeth, Profane Omen, Saint Vitus, Demigod, Metsatöll, Mokoma, Napalm Death, Sonata Arctica, Sabaton, Amoral and Behemoth. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Exodus, Edguy, Sabaton and Behemoth. And of course our very own Metsatöll 😉

Or course with all the hassle in the old work place and the changing of jobs I still haven’t had the chance of doing “Heavy Metal News Weekly”. But I do hope to do it again during the summer. Things will be easier and I will have more free time and I can concentrate on that too. Some people have contacted me asking if there will be new videos. I am assuring everybody that there will be new videos but I just can’t give the exact date when. But there will be new stuff coming up 🙂

When I look back on the six months that have passed from this year I can say that I have grown as a person. I have learned how to stick up for myself, how to stand firm for what I believe in and how to defend myself against negative people. I have kept myself going when things were going totally downhill and everything seemed to be going wrong. And I am proud of myself because of that. But I have also shed lots and lots of tears and spent endless amounts of nerve cells worrying about things that in the end were not that important, I have let myself been insulted by small-minded and un-intelligent people. With all the worrying and stress I lost weight so that some people came up to me and asked if I was sick. That has not been normal. Of course it’s always pleasant to see the weight numbers decline but the stress levels I had were just beyond normal. That’s why I’m happy to say that it is now all over.

What else? Oh yes, currently it’s the UEFA EURO 2012 in Poland/Ukraine. My favorite teams are as I have said previously Germany, Italy and France. My highest hopes are with Germany. Just a couple of days ago I was thinking about how I and my brother fought ardently about the Italy vs France World Cup final match in 2006. Of course I supported France and defended Zinedine Zidane and my brother was a big fan of Italy and G.Buffon and therefore he defended M.Materazzi. We just kept on arguing about who’s right about it. Now it’s funny to think about it but at that time we were so serious about it. But yeah, this time my fingers are crossed for Germany, France and Italy.

But I’m going to end this time with this year’s official Tuska anthem which is in reggae style this time – Tuska official “anthem” 2012.


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