30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 5

Posted: 21. sept. 2012 in Life
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Day 5 – a photo of your favorite memory

My favorite memories to date are spending summer holidays in the country side near Tallinn in my second grandmother’s summer house. This was always a lot of fun. The house in the picture isn’t of course the real summer house I had. I think I have a photo of this summer house but I would need to scan it to upload it to my blog here. But my summer house was similar to this one in the picture. It was a one-story house, it had 2 big rooms, a sauna, a big garage and a huge backyard full of all sorts of flowers. My grandmother also grew some vegetables there like peas, carrots and some berries like strawberries and raspberries. I remember that the house also had a nice and cozy fireplace. The interior design was mainly in wooden-style. I enjoyed my summers there because I felt totally free there. If I woke up I could go straight outside in my nightgown. Before going to sleep I could stand on the porch, look at the sky and then go straight to bed to sleep. That was something I can’t do now. I also enjoyed the days when it rained in the evening and we sat in front of the fireplace just talking. My second grandmother who owned this summer house passed away in 2004. After that my uncle inherited the summer house and since he already has a house and a summer house of his own, he sold the summer house to some strangers. At the moment I have no idea who owns it. And it makes me feel so sad. I loved this summer house and I loved my grandmother and now I can’t go back there ever again. I’ve lost “my meadow of heaven”.

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