10 Things I want To Say To 10 Different People

Posted: 5. jaan. 2013 in Life
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Again a challenge to complete. It’s a 10 day challenge and this time I chose something to write about. The first day is about saying 10 things to 10 different people. I chose not name names and leave this anonymous. But here are things I want to say to 10 different people.

1. “I hope you are happy with your materialism. You really have let me down in more ways than just one”  – to F

2. “I am really proud of you”- to M

3. “I wish you had more courage. I liked you too” – to H

4. “You should have more self-discipline when drinking otherwise it could turn into something more then just a drink” to B

5. “You should take more time for yourself and the family. It more important than any company” to E

6. “You really hurt me with you behavior and words and I will never forgive you” to A and M

7. “You saved me”  to T

8. “You have taught me so much but sometimes I wish you could stop teaching me” to GM

9. “You are the cutest and the sweetest” to N

10. “There are moments when you take my breath away. There are moments when all I do is think about you, there are moments when I try to forget you. You confuse me and I don’t know what to do about it.” to J


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