10 Day Challenge – Day 2

  1. I don’t have a driver’s license and I can’t drive a car. 
  2. My two favorite colors are black and blue.
  3. When I’m reading a book, I’m walking around in a haze spellbound by the book.
  4. I am a Taurus and a fire Rabbit/Cat
  5. I like doing things slowly and it includes even eating. Usually I’m the last person eating even tough I might be the person who eats the smallest amount.
  6. I like to hear stories how a couple ended up together, what made them choose each other.
  7. I don’t really like watching movies in 3D.
  8. I’m a night-owl type of person which means that I like to sleep long in the morning and I work best during the after-noon and feel my best in the evening.
  9. I don’t like sunbathing – just lying there in the sun getting burnt.

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