10 Day Challenge – Day 10 – One confession

Well, it’s not easy to confess something. I am not a religious person and therefore I’ve never been to a confession before. I’ve never said the words “Forgive me Father for I have sinned”. And I’m not going admit a sin here also but I am going to confess a little about myself. I have stated that I find it hard to trust people and it takes time for me to let people in. That is  because my trust has been betrayed before and misused and I won’t let myself be made fool of twice. And this misuse has hurt me. To avoid getting hurt in the future I don’t trust people easily and kind of “test” them to see if they are worthy. Only then I can be sure that I won’t get hurt by trusting them. That is why I won’t let people get close to me easily and that’s why it takes time to get to know me. But once I am sure I can trust someone I will be with them until the end. Being loyal to someone is something I highly value.


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