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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve made a more personal blog post. But this time I want to write on more personal matters. I wrote about my brother’s leaving in this post.  The date of his departure to Scotland has come  – he will leave for Scotland next Saturday. I’m going to help him move there and therefore there will be no “Heavy News” for the week of August 1 and August 8. I feel bad for canceling the news but as I have always emphasized – my family comes first.

For the past year I’ve been living with the idea of my brother moving to another country and now it’s finally here and I can’t believe it’s really happening. At the moment I’ve been occupied with work and preparations for his leave and I am going with him to be there for one week. But when it comes to the moment of me stepping onto an airplane in Scotland and flying back to Estonia – leaving my little brother there all alone…. Then I’ll truly “come undone”. But I guess it’s one of those things that has to happen and has to be lived through.

Lately I’ve been quite busy also. Μy day-job has been demanding and I want to make the news better also. But I guess all the stress and hassle has been taking a toll on my health – about a month ago I was so sick (migraines, eye infection etc). Now I’m taking things bit easier and trying to find some quality time for myself also. What made me really happy in the past few weeks was this – I can work for Μ as marketing and propaganda/media person. I am so happy about it and really motivated to do this job. I love Μetal-Rules and it’s a honor to work for them. And if by any chance EvilG is reading this – thank you so much for accepting me 🙂 It seems that I currently have almost 3 jobs – my “real” day job, my news and also Μ I guess it’s enough for me at the moment 😉

So next Saturday I’m heading off to Scotland, Dundee. And if there any Scottish people watching my news that by chance live in Dundee and see me there or in Edinburgh and recognize me then don’t  be shy – come and say hello 🙂 I’d be happy to meet my viewers in real life also.