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Recently I visited the city of Dundee in Scotland again. And this time I stayed in a hotel called the Malmaison.

Malmaison is a hotel chain in the United Kingdom. The group operates 13 hotels and was founded in 1994. It is named after the Chateau de Malmaison on the outskirts of Paris. Their brand premise is “Hotels that dare to be different”. There are thirteen hotels located in Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastel upon Tyne, Oxford and Reading. Each hotel has its own mini-site, these can be accessed by the main Malmaison hotel website which is .

What really appealed to me at first was the interior of the hotel. It was very stylish yet different from typical hotels. The main doors had these big horn-like handles which in my opinion suited very well with the overall look of the hotel. The stairway was in dark colors and there was this beautiful huge lamp. Of course there were lifts which were modified so that people with disabilities could easily use them also (for example the lift numbers were written in touch typing). And our room – I loved it. The beds were higher up than usual and on the bed there was this furry topping/cover which was so soft and warm. In the room the furniture was all black (which suited there very well and was very stylish). There was a big flat-screen TV and a small refrigerator full of snacks and drinks (of course you pay extra for that) and then there were two bottles of wine which you could drink if you want (again you pay extra if you want). The bathroom was up to all the standards – it was a big room and there was a shower, not a bath (to my disappointment).  The view from the big window was to the main street and we could see what was going on. It was lovely. The hotel also had a restaurant and a bar. And the hotel was situated exactly in city centre. As for the price… Usually it seems that the room rate for one night is pretty pricey but I had a lucky coincidence – they had a Christmas offer in which the room rate was lower than in the hotel I have stayed previously. That is also something I like about the Malmaison – the make campaigns during which time they lower the prices and that is a good way to attract new customers.  I was very satisfied with Malmaison hotel and would definitely stay there again and it really felt like I was a queen in the queens palace.

DSC_0123 DSC_0109 DSC_0114

But after staying in Dundee we had to travel to London and stay there for 2 nights. And as we were staying there only for two nights we looked for a cheap hotel because it seemed that it’s not worth paying a lot for just 2 nights. The hotel we stayed in was Fitzroy hotel.  When we first arrived we tried to get into the hotel and it was locked. Then we tried to ring the doorbell. Nothing happened. Then finally a strange looking man in plain clothes (meaning clothes you wear while your home not when you are a hotel staff) came from the underground and asked if we would like to come to the hotel. We said yes and then he said that he would let us in. When he finally opened the door he asked about the reservation and told us to come to the reception. Then we went downstairs to a very small room full of boxes and papers and on a small table there was this old computer. The weird guy typed something fast and made sure we had the reservation in his weird system also and then said that we can make the payment. We payed by credit card and he was puzzled why we are paying with a Swedish bank credit card when we are from Estonia. And then he said that he will give us a room that is on the top floor. It was on the top floor but there was no lift there. We had to carry our luggage to the top floor and he did not help us. And when I finally saw the room I said that I want to move to another hotel. The room was so tiny that two couldn’t turn around there. There was only one bed, the bed linen were clean but not new. The pillows were uncomfortable and the bed was also really uncomfortable. There wasn’t enough room to put your luggage. The TV was very small. The bathroom was horrible – it was cold, in some bits it was dirty and I didn’t want to use it at all. At the very first evening I really thought I had just registered myself into the Bates Motel. At first I really thought I’m going to another hotel but since the money had already been payed we stayed there. And the photos from the hotel website are totally photoshopped. Overall I would say it was a really bad experience and I would not recommend the Fitzroy Hotel to anyone.



A lot of time has passed since my last post here. I guess it’s about time to write something new here also.

The beginning of 2012 has been interesting and full of different emotions. In January I went to London for a couple of days. The short trip there was just awesome. When we left Estonia we had -20C but in London we had +5C-0C. So it was a lot warmer than in Estonia. We arrived in London in Wednesday and got back late Saturday evening. While in London I re-visited some places I had already seen but didn’t mind seeing again (like Madame Tussaud’s) and also visited new places like British Museum and Sherlock Holmes museum. We used the underground a lot and just walked around the city seeing a lot of cool places, visiting some shops and just getting the London-vibe.  Spring was already in the air in London. Of course this was before the Siberian cold wave and snow. And I got something I wanted from London also – I visited the Illamasqua make-up store and bought there the S.O.P.H.I.E wrist band. It demonstrates the refusal to accept mindless prejudice and shows support for Sophie Lancaster. All proceeds will go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. And I think (although I’m not sure) we saw prince Charles drive by in the motorcade. This London trip was definitely the highlight of January.

On February 7 I went to Riga to see Rammstein live. Rammstein is currently having its “Made In Germany” European tour. The concert itself was beyond awesome but the journey there and back was exhausting. Mainly because I had to drive from Tartu to Tallinn (200km) then from Tallinn to Riga (310km) and back again. When I finally got home I was drop dead tired. But it was worth it. Rammstein’s show this time was even better than last time. As promised they played all their biggest hits and did also their show numbers. I especially liked the idea of having a smaller stage among people also on which they performed 2-3 songs. I was lucky to be almost in the front row when they were performing on the smaller stage and could see Paul up close. It was awesome.

Rammstein in Riga 07.02.2012 setlist:

  1. Sonne
  2. Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen
  3. Keine Lust
  4. Sehnsucht
  5. Asche zu Asche
  6. Feuer frei!
  7. Mutter
  8. Mein Teil
  9. Du riechst so gut
  10. Links 2 3 4
  11. Du hast
  12. Haifisch
  13. Bück dich
  14. Mann gegen Mann
  15. Ohne dich
  16. Mein Herz brennt
  17. Amerika
  18. Ich will
  19. Engel
  20. Pussy

What was pretty cool as well was the fact that there were so many Estonians there. I can honestly say that half of the Latvian crowd was actually Estonian. So to sum it all up – the show was as good as always, the band was awesome, the choice of songs was good and the emotion I got from this concert cannot be put into words, it has to be experienced. And Rammstein will always remain a band that I will see again and again as long as they keep performing.

What I haven’t been doing is what I actually promised I would do and that is Heavy Metal News Weekly on Youtube. I feel really guilty about it because I’ve been keeping my eye on my channel as much as it is possible and I’ve noticed that I’ve gained more followers and overall I’ve gotten so much positive letters, comments and messages. I am truly grateful for it. The reasons why I haven’t posted any videos so far are many. In the beginning of January I had some problems with my camera and also felt that I have to make a video, not that I’d WANT to make a video. Then in the middle of January things at work had already become so hectic that I didn’t have any time and then I flew to London. Pretty soon came the Rammstein concert in Riga. Afterwards I was again busy at work and that’s how the first 2 months of this year have gone by without any “Heavy Metal News Weekly”. I will try to do better and get things started again. I do not promise it but I will do my very best. Because to me doing “Heavy Metal News” is more satisfying than my everyday job but I do need an everyday job also because doing “Heavy Metal News” doesn’t help me get my bills paid. If someone is willing to pay me for doing news on Youtube about music (especially heavy metal/rock) then let me know – I am more than willing 😉

And of course I’ve had negative emotions too. I’ve had to deal with some very negative people who have insulted and hurt me to my core and I believe I will never forgive them. I just hope I still find the strength in me to keep dealing with them.

End note: Nightwish‘s new album “Imaginarium” came out 30.11.2011. I got this album in the beginning of  December and I’ve been listening to this album ever since non-stop. I just love it so much. It’s something different from them yet it still has the basic Nightwish elements, it’s epic and it’s soft, it’s heavy metal and it’s lyrical ballads, it’s really like a roller-coaster ride. No matter what anyone says I love this album. Period.